Reschke Rus manufactured and supplied a construction company from the Kemerovo region with attachments for sludge lagoon cleaning. This facility is an important system in many production, sewage and waste water treatment plants. Sludge settling tank - a treatment facility, made in the form of a tank or reservoir, in which the emulsion settles, consisting of a liquid fraction (usually water) and small solid particles (in this case, sludge). It is needed to separate these fractions in order to reuse the water.

For this task, the construction company purchased 18 meters of extended working equipment and a 0.45 m3 general purpose bucket. The equipment was mounted on a DOOSAN SOLAR 255LC-V crawler excavator. Excavators with extended working equipment are designed for works that require an increased working range, something that can not machines equipped with standard working equipment.
The efficiency of an excavator with extended working equipment is higher than that of a machine with a standard boom. This equipment is indispensable for such works as cleaning of rivers (channels), water bodies, ponds and coastal zone, planning of slopes, suitable for work on gravel and sand quarries.

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