Reschke Rus has produced a bucket for loading wood chips and wood waste by order of a major wood panel holding company. The 13 m³ bucket for the Liugong CLG 890 front loader was custom-made in a short time and shipped to one of the largest wood processing plants in Russia. The buckets for light materials are designed for loading light soil with density up to 1.1 t/m³ - grain, feed materials, wood chips, snow and mulch. This bucket differs from a conventional bucket by its design. The bottom of the bucket for light materials is much longer and the side walls are higher, which significantly speeds up unloading/loading.

The high back of the bucket prevents material from falling over the back edge and maximizes volume. Inside the bucket, reinforcement plates and a strong cutting edge made of wear-resistant steel are installed. Reschke Rus manufactures these buckets for all brands of front loaders weighing 6.5-35 tons.