Dismantling organization from Orenburg added a Reschke 4600F hydraulic hammer to its fleet. This equipment was mounted on a CAT 336 excavator and used for dismantling buildings and reinforced concrete structures in Orenburg.

Reschke 4600F belongs to the heavy series of breakers. Hammers of this group are installed on excavators from 27 to 140 tons and are used for professional crushing in the development of quarries and mines containing granite, basalt and other high-strength rocks. Hydraulic breakers can be used for dismantling buildings and concrete structures, such as: block and brick buildings, reinforced concrete structures, for removal of asphalt road pavement, for dismantling of underground utilities (heating mains, pipelines, power lines channels), for removal of frozen ground. The hydraulic hammer allows you to perform these works faster and more efficiently than with a conventional excavator bucket or other similar equipment. Thanks to its high impact energy, it can handle hard materials and complex tasks that other types of attachments cannot.
We supply hydraulic hammers for any excavator equipment from 2.5 to 140 tons. Contact us and we will find a hydraulic hammer or other attachments for your machine.