Rescke Rus hydraulic drills are the masters of permafrost. They perfectly cope with frozen ground even in the Far North.
A construction company from the Tomsk region was convinced of this, which purchased a Reschke RA 1500 hydraulic drill from our company. This equipment was necessary for drilling boreholes for piles in the winter period at the temperature of -30. Drilling wells is a very complex process, in which it is necessary to comply with all the precision of work, so such work should be entrusted only to proven and quality equipment. Such as Reschke RA 1500 hydraulic drill.
A hydraulic drill is a type of attachment for excavator equipment. It is used in construction when installing piles, drilling wells, installing poles, power lines. RA 1500 has been installed on Shantui SE 135 crawler excavator and has proved to be the best. Hydraulic drill RA 1500 is installed on excavators weighing 12-17 tons. Detailed technical specifications of this equipment or the whole model range you can see on our website.
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